Wax worms-Coloured wax worms

In cells. For preservation it is recommended that the product be stored at temperatures between +8° and 15° centigrade. For best maintenance, the humidity level should be minimal. In this respect, it is recommended to have a small extraction fan in the cell that makes it possible to change the air a few times a day.

It is enough 10 minutes for 5 time a day.

In order to avoid the creation of spots and the possible death of certain worms, abrupt upward changes in temperature should be avoided. In optimal preservation conditions, the worms remain in good condition for 25-30 days.

While fishing. For best use, the temperature must not exceed 30 degrees centigrade or drop below 0 degrees (do not freeze). At these temperatures, the bait will be preserved for an entire day of fishing. In the event of extremely harsh temperatures, in order to maintain the temperature between the values given above, the use of thermal membranes or hand-warmer packets is suggested. Conversely, in the event of particularly hot conditions, keep the worms in the shade.